Upper Lip Hair Removal

Almost every woman suffers from unwanted hair on the face at one point of time or the other. Now, this is really a matter of embarrassment as unwanted hair on the face can spoil the look of a woman and make her appear less feminine. So, with this, we have millions of women all over the world trying out various methods of upper lip hair removal.


Common methods of hair removal from upper lip

There are a number of ways of Upper Lip Hair Removal that can give you very effective results. So, the fact is that the kind of method that you should opt for should depend on the kind of result you are seeking. There are many tried and tested methods that can help you achieve your aim of removing hair from the upper lip; so decide accordingly. Shaving, tweezing and waxing are some of the most popular methods that are practiced by women at home for getting rid of upper lip hair. However, here you should note that these are all temporary methods of hair removal and they do not give a long lasting result as the hair re grows after a certain interval of time.

Upper Lip Hair RemovalShaving

While there are some women who opt for shaving the upper lip hair, the truth is that this process may result in much faster re growth of hair in that region. Thus, it is advised to not to shave facial hair as it will tend to give your face a manly appearance in the long run.


When it comes to using tweezers for removal of upper lip hair then you should know the fact that this method takes a lot of time and effort as well. It also depends on your pain threshold that how much pain you can bear as this process is really very painful for many girls and it is because of this reason that most refrain from using tweezers. This method involves pulling out of facial hair from the follicles with the help of the tweezers. Such forceful pulling of tiny facial hair not only results in pain but also makes your skin go red, irritated and sometimes inflamed. Here, you should note that tweezers are very commonly used to give shape to the eyebrows but when it comes to removing upper lip hair, this method is not so common.


Waxing is the most common method for removing facial hair temporarily and most women use this method to get rid of upper lip hair. In this method, cloth strips are placed on the area from which the hair is to be removed. These cloth strips are first wetted in wax before being kept on the skin. The strip is left to remain there for a few seconds after which the strip is pulled out quickly. This aid in peeling off all the hair from the facial region and you are left with soft and smooth skin. If you go for waxing, then you need to get the treatment done after every fortnight or every month depending on the re growth of your hair, as waxing, though being a commonly practiced method, is not a permanent solution for removing facial hair.

Some permanent ways of getting rid of upper lip hair

There are also some professional ways of upper lip hair removal that make you get rid of hair from the upper lips permanently. Let us take a brief look at these methods!


This method uses electrical impulses to burn the hair roots and strands. Once destroyed, the hair takes a considerably long period of time to grow back. Each follicle is removed one after the other and so it takes a long time for completing this treatment.

Laser therapy

This is one of the most effective permanent ways of Upper Lip Hair Removal. Laser therapy makes use of light to ruin the roots of the hair. This method results in permanent removal of hair and is less painful too. Laser therapy is the most common method that many women go for owing to its effectiveness.

It is advised that no matter whatever hair removal option you go for, you first must consult a dermatologist and then decide accordingly.